Join us for a Women's Self Defense seminar on Friday, March 2 at 7:00pm. In addition to learning and practicing basic combatives like Palm Strikes, Elbows, Groin Kicks & Knees and defenses against grabs, chokes and attacks, we will be discussing things you can do on a daily basis to keep you and your family safe.
This event is only $20, and open to all women.
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One of our students recently sent us a KTLA report and video of a store employee in Irvine being attacked. Stories like this motivate us to reach more women. Read about her story here.

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Burbank Krav Maga is dedicated to providing the best in instruction of practical self defense. Serving the Burbank area since 2010, BKM began as a women's self defense course and evolved into the Krav Maga community its members know it as today. All of our instructors and assistant instructors are certified by the American Krav Maga Federation and our chief instructor, Chris Crouch, holds a black belt certification from the AKMF. Our community atmosphere sets us apart from other schools in that we insist on leaving ego at the door. BKM strives to teach effective self defense methods that are quick to learn. While exercise and physical activity are important aspects of Krav Maga and are very frequently incorporated in our classes, BKM's curriculum heavily emphasizes "getting home safe" by any means necessary and in spite of various conditions.